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Между образом и словом

15-08-2019 Публикации
This text presents an experience of presenting and grounding a series of education's new objectives linked with the recent cultural developments. Among those developments, according to the authors, is culture's visualization determined by the image transfer to the center of the cultural semiosis. Education's reception of the role and importance of semilological transformations , according to the authors' research data, is of lagging behind and adaptive nature. Verbal- and text-centered orientation of pedagogical practices is still stringently regulating a visual experience, marginalizing practices of artistic creativity and forms of knowledge related to it (esthetic, practical, and everyday ones). Intellectualism that characterizes verbal- and text-centered orientation of educational practices is oftentimes realized as a means of student discourse unification and homogenization, as well as blockade of its differentiation and diversification. The latter are considered by the authors as a most salient condition for human existence in a multicultural society, with its moving boundaries and specific forms of the living worlds' semantic-semiotic organization.